Student Sponsorships

One of the first areas we supported in 2010 was helping older students complete their education. We aimed to remove the financial barrier faced by students from marginalised backgrounds. The final four years of education is not free in India and costs can rise, putting pressure on poor families. As a result, many of these students drop out of their education. Calcutta Connect provides sponsorships to these students to remove the financial barrier. This support increases their prospects and enables them to complete their education. By providing sponsorships we have seen greater numbers of students progressing and completing their education.

Our Programme Supports Students Covers the Costs of


Stationary & School Supplies


School Fees & Tuitions

Textbooks for all Subjects


School Uniforms and Clothing

Each year we support up to 200 students through sponsorships to complete board examinations and finish their education. We do not discriminate in any way in selecting students for our programme and do not apply any criteria for choosing students. Instead, once a student reaches Class 9 in our programme, they automatically enter our student sponsorship programme. Many of the students who have completed their secondary school education have then gone on to further studies at third level in colleges and training institutions. Since 2010 we have supported hundreds of students in helping them to complete their education.

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