100% Model

We are proud to operate a 100% model which means that 100% of public donations we receive go directly towards the projects we support and any administrative expenses incurred are met by separate funding.


Our Mission

To work in partnership with local organisations to provide education, vocational training and necessary support systems to children and young adults to make a better future for themselves and their families.

What We Support

Since Calcutta Connect was founded in 2010 we have been proud of the excellent relationship we have developed with Friends of Calcutta. Our members have a long history of volunteering in the centres started by Friends of Calcutta and since 2013 we have been delighted to contribute towards the programme between Friends of Calcutta and Development Action Society which supports the education of alomst 800 students in three city centres and the Bhubaneswari Free Primary School located in the Sundarbans. As part of this programme Calcutta Connect will fund in 2016, one third of the running of the three city centres and the Bhubaneswari Free Primary School in full. In addition to this we will continue to provide support to over forty older students in the latter stages of their education and four college students. It gives us great pride to be able to make this contribution towards the running of the centres we first came in contact with as part of the Coláiste Éanna India Immersion Project.


Supporting education in marginalised communities is essential in providing brighter futures for children. We recognise the importance of providing education and the power of change it has to change a young persons life.


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