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By making a regular donation you can make an ongoing impact to the lives of young people by supporting their education.

Monthly donations play a huge part in our support for the projects we fund. As with all public donations to Calcutta Connect, 100% of your donation will go directly to the projects we support.

We work in partnership with local organisations to support the education of children and young people.

Here is what we do.

100% Model

We are proud to operate a 100% model which means that 100% of public donations we receive go directly towards the projects we support and any administrative expenses incurred are met by separate funding.

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Our Mission

To work in partnership with local organisations to create sustainable change through Education, Vocational Training and Community Development, empowering children and young adults to secure a better future for themselves and their families.

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Local Partner

We work with our local partner organisation to support the education of students from underprivileged backgrounds in three rural villages. We work in three communities with our partner organisation.

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New Schools

In 2019 we embarked on an ambitious school building programme where we planned to completely rebuild or significantly renovate our school buildings to create a better learning atmosphere for our students and staff

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Programme Activity

In each of our centres a number of programmes are run each day to support the education of our students and to benefit the local community. Classes begin early each morning and continue throughout the day in each centre.

Our Programmes

Student Support

We work closely with older students to overcome the barriers faced in completing their education and going on to further studies


Supporting Education

We work with local organisations by supporting education in underprivileged communities and monitoring of students education from marginalised communities



Donate to Calcutta Connect to support the education of young people in marginalised communities

Annual Review 2022

We’re delighted to present our Annual Review for 2022. The review highlights all of our work from 2022 that took place in Ireland and India. Our Annual Review of 2022 gives a snapshot of the many activities that have taken place over the past year. It also provides an overview of all projects, centres and programmes we support in collaboration with our local partner organisation.