We support education to give brighter futures to young people from underprivileged communities

100% of all donations go directly to the projects we support

100% Model

We are proud to operate a 100% model which means that 100% of public donations we receive go directly towards the projects we support and any administrative expenses incurred are met by separate funding.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with local organisations to create sustainable change through Education, Vocational Training and Community Development, empowering children and young adults to secure a better future for themselves and their families.

Cyclone Amphan Appeal

We are launching an urgent appeal to assist families located in the communities where we work with our partner organisation in rural West Bengal who have been badly affected by Cyclone Amphan. The Cyclone was one of the most powerful storms to hit the region in decades and has left a trail of devastation in its path across the state with many communities reeling from its impact.

In the communities where we work the homes of many of our students have been badly damaged or in some cases destroyed by Cyclone Amphan. The areas where we work are already some of the most marginalised communities, with most families living in basic dwellings and incomes had been badly affected by the nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19. We are launching an urgent appeal to help these people repair and rebuild their homes and get over the destruction caused by Cyclone Amphan.


Annual Review 2019

It’s been another great year for us in Calcutta Connect and were delighted to present our Annual Review for 2019. The review contains all the highlights of the year about the projects, students we support and our work in supporting education in underprivileged communities. Click the link below to download your copy of the review or get a copy sent to you.

Supporting Education

We work with local organisations by supporting education in underprivileged communities and monitoring of students education from marginalised communities

Importance of Education

Children from poor backgrounds are much more likely to drop out and not complete their education. By providing pre-schooling to children and ongoing support to those enrolled in schools is a recognised method of helping students complete their education

Student Support

We work closely with older students to overcome the barriers faced in completing their education and going on to further studies