About Calcutta Connect

Calcutta Connect is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2010 by past pupils of the Coláiste Éanna India Immersion Project. Our committee is made up of individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds who can draw upon their experience to enhance the work we do. We work towards alleviating poverty by supporting education of children and young people from some of the poorest communities in Calcutta and surrounding districts.

What We Support

In 2017, we began supporting Panikhali Rural Development Society (PRDS) in their work in a rural village 70km south of the city. PRDS provides preschool education and follow-up coaching to 1211 students and forms mother’s groups in local communities. We have developed an excellent partnership with PRDS and fund their work in three communities. They carry out various programmes and activities to support children, young people and the local community. One of our main focus areas remains helping older students complete their education. We do this by funding sponsorships to students in the latter stages of their secondary education. Once a student we support completes their secondary education, we will continue supporting them at third level to help them complete their education.


100% Model

Since our foundation one of our greatest selling points to our supporters has been that 100% of all donations we receive go directly towards the projects we support in Calcutta. As we have grown we have been proud to operate a 100% model which means that 100% of public donations we receive go directly towards the projects we support and any administrative expenses incurred (including the salary of our CEO) are met by separate funding, generously provided by a private patron. In short this means that every cent we receive in donations goes straight towards our projects in Calcutta.

Our Vision

All children, young adults and families, regardless of their background, can reach their full potential through education.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with local organisations to create sustainable change through Education, Vocational Training and Community Development, empowering children and young adults to secure a better future for themselves and their families.

Our Values and Principles


We strongly believe that working with local organisations is the best way to understand, challenge and address the issues faced in underprivileged communities.


Respect is at the core of how we engage with each other, our stakeholders and the work we do.



We believe in being completely open about the way in which we operate and clear about where all funds raised are used and being accountable to all beneficiaries, members, partners and the public.


We celebrate diversity and seek to challenge the many inequalities experienced as a result of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Class, Sexualities and Religion.

Child Centred

We believe that the best interests of the children and young adults we support should be at the centre of all the work we do.

Gender Equality

We acknowledge and actively challenge the additional difficulties faced by girls in completing their education.


We see education as a tool of empowerment in breaking the cycle of poverty.



In our work we strive to operate in a professional, honest and ethical manner and adhere to best practices.