Become a Calcutta Connect Monthly Supporter

By becoming a monthly supporter of Calcutta Connect you can make an ongoing contribution to our work and make a lasting impact on the lives of young people from some of the most marginalised backgrounds. Monthly donations play a huge part in the support we give to the projects we support. As with all public donations received by Calcutta Connect, 100% of your donation will go directly to the projects we support. Get started today by becoming a monthly supporter of Calcutta Connect.

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Donation amount

The Impact of a Monthly Donation


Will provide a tailoring trainee with materials for one month


Supplies a pre-school child with a uniform and stationary for one year


Gives a pre-school student a nutritious daily meal for one year


A month will support a college student in their studies for one year


Purchases 100 copy books for use by students in the centres we support


Funds an older student's admission fees, books and stationary for one year

Why Give Monthly

By becoming a monthly supporter, you can leave a lasting impact in the communities where we work through making a regular contribution to Calcutta Connect



By donating on a monthly basis, you can easily set up and manage your contribution. Your donation will be sent to us every month without the need for reminders.


Long Term Impact

By donating on a monthly basis, you can help support Calcutta Connects long-term projects and programs, which have a greater impact on the community.



You can choose the amount you want to give. Our monthly donations start at €5 per month (16 cent a day). You can increase of decrease your monthly donation at any time.


Tax Effective

If you donate €21 per month or more to Calcutta Connect, we can increase the value of your donation by up to 45% by claiming a refund from the Revenue Commissioners with your permission