Our Programmes

We have been partnering with Panikhali Rural Development Society (PRDS) since 2017 and have developed an excellent working relationship with their management and staff. We work together in three communities and support the education of 1211 students of all ages ranging from pre-school children right up to students in the final years of their secondary education. In our three centres, we support the running of a number of programmes each day that are designed to support the education of young people from the local communities.

Three education centres supported

1211 students of all ages supported

58 staff employed in three communities


Pre-School classes take place in Panikhali and Alor Disha centres each day. In these classes children aged 4-6 are taught the basics of Bengali, English and Maths to prepare them for entry to Government Schools in the locality. Each child is supplied with books and a uniform to encourage the habit of learning and regular school attendance from an early age.

Follow Up Coaching

After completion of our pre-school students are mainstreamed into local government run schools in the areas. However, their involvement with our centres does not end at this point. Instead, they enter what is our biggest programme in the form of follow up coaching for Classes I-XII. With many of our students being first generation learners, providing them with additional support in our centres is essential in enabling them to keep up to speed in school and pass exams.

Mothers Groups

In each community mother’s groups have been formed by PRDS with the purpose of discussing issues faced by women, their children and to create awareness on overcoming these issues. Meetings are held monthly and have proved highly beneficial with large numbers of mothers in attendance.

Computer Training

In each centre a computer training programme takes place throughout the week for the students in the higher classes. Many of the students would otherwise have little or no access to computers. This training provides students with knowledge in computer software and hardware that will benefit them in their future studies and careers.


Every day on completion of pre-school classes, children are given a nutritious meal that is freshly prepared by our school cooks in our kitchens. The meal provides students with much needed nutrients which they normally might not get in their diets in their homes. It also acts as an incentive for children to attend school regularly from an early age.

Student Sponsorships

For many poor families, the cost of education in the final years of school is beyond what their limited means are capable of affording. Once a student reaches Class IX and costs begin to rise, we begin to provide them with support. The support we provide is essential in ensuring these older students can complete their secondary education and progress to college or further training, with the ultimate hope of a brighter future for them and their families.

Tailoring Training

The tailoring training programme is designed to provide local women with training in tailoring, clothes making and production. On completion of the course the trainees will have acquired a skill that will enable them to start their own small business, take orders locally and generate an income for themselves and their families.

Medical Camps

Due to the remote locations of the communities where we work with PRDS it can often be difficult to access medical facilities. Medical Camps focussing on different specialities are held throughout the year in each community. Doctors and medical personnel conduct these camps to provide diagnosis to local people.

Classes take place throughout the day in each of our centres with students taking part in a wide range of programmes. Check out the video below to see what a full day in our centres looks like.