Want to become involved in our work and help us make a difference to young peoples lives in Calcutta.

Are you looking to do more and become involved in the work we do in Calcutta. We are always on hand to provide assistance to individuals who want to become involved in our work. Be it from a fundraising event, speaking to a group or even planning a trip to visit our projects, there are many ways to become involved.

Organise a Fundraiser

Have you an idea for a fundraising event or just at the early stages of planning, no matter what stage you’re at we will be delighted to hear from you and help you with your event. We have an experienced team in Calcutta Connect who have been involved in organising a whole range of fundraisers for many years and would be delighted to help you with yours no matter how big or small. We have developed a unique area of our website where you can create a campaign page that will then allow you to set targets, provide information on your event track your fundraising. Click below to either create a campaign or to contact or committee about a planned event.

Volunteer in Calcutta

Are you interested in visiting Calcutta, experiencing the work we do in the city, soaking up the culture in one of India’s most vibrant cities and having a life changing experience. Over the past number of years we have hosted a large number of volunteer groups from a large range of backgrounds. Whether you are an individual or large group, a student or retired, can spare just one week or two months we are able to cater for everyone and can design a trip with you to suit your needs to give you the best experience possible. We take individuals from a vast range of backgrounds and we feel someone will always have something they can offer during their time in Calcutta. Please contact us to enquire about organising a journey that will leave you with memories for a life time.

Request a Speaker

We are always looking to engage with new individuals and groups about the work we do in Calcutta Connect. Our members have previously spoken to school groups, community groups and to staff in companies about the projects we support in Calcutta. We are able to tailor our presentation according to the needs of the group and can use our vast resource of imagery and media to give each group a unique interaction with our speaker. Fill in the contact form below with all your information and we’ll be in touch to arrange a date for our speaker to meet your group.