School Building Programme

After partnering with Panikhali Rural Development Society (PRDS) from the beginning of 2017 our programme steadily grew as we began to work in new communities and start new programmes in each centre. From just over 150 students in one community in 2017, the programme had grown to almost 800 students in three communities by 2019. We realised that in order to cater to the ever-growing numbers in our centres we would need to expand or completely reconstruct our centres to allow for greater numbers of students. We put plans in place through early 2019 to achieve this goal over the coming years and we were lucky to get the support of a generous donor who has provided us with incredible support in our school building programme.

Panikhali School

The first community where we began working with PRDS was in Panikhali village. The building there was basic and comprised of a single large room with a mud floor and the building made from bamboo, fence walls and a straw roof. The building served us well initially but as time went on and student numbers increased we knew we needed to construct a new building to accommodate the large number of students. Construction of the new building began in late 2019 and continued at a great pace over the following months, the lower level was complete by early 2020 and the upper level then completed by June 2020. The building has four dedicates classrooms, library, office, student toilets, vocational training room, visitors room and a community meeting room. On an average day, 300 students will pass through the doors if our new building in Panikhali.

Alor Disha

In the summer of 2017, we visited the community of Charadakatia located about 15km from our Panikhali Centre. We met with local stakeholders and they requested that we start an education programme to support their children. Another NGO had recently vacated a building that we acquired through the PRDS President and we decided to begin a programme here called Alor Disha. The building was in good condition but had a sheet asbestos roof that we replaced with a flat concrete roof. There are two classrooms in the building and as student numbers increased we knew we need to expand our building here. In late 2019 we began construction of a new upper level that will allow us to accommodate even more students now it’s complete. We next plan to once again expand the building by constructing two additional classrooms to the rear of the school. There are more than 300 students coming to the centre each day and we now plan to construct additional classrooms to the rear of the school.

Boria School

The third community where we work with PRDS is called Boria and we have been working here since mid-2017 when we began follow-up coaching classes. The numbers of students in our programme here have steadily expanded since then and there are now large numbers coming to the centre each day. We have been very fortunate to have a good relationship with the local community and they have allowed us to use two local churches to conduct our classes. With our growing numbers and increased programmes in Boria, we now plan to construct our own school building on a plot of land that has been acquired by PRDS. The construction of this new building began in late 2020 and will have four classrooms, vocational training room, kitchen, student toilets and a community meeting room. We hope to have the building fully operational by the summer of 2021.

Upcoming Plans

Skills Training and Medical Centre

As our programme has grown with PRDS and the numbers of students in our centres increased since we began working together in 2017 we have been able to identify areas of need for the local communities. Two areas we identified have been in providing skills to local young people and a medical check-up facility for the local community. We plan to build an entirely new skills training and medical centre to address these two areas. We will train local young people in a variety of lifelong skills that they can then use to help them generate an income and support their families. The nearest medical facilities to our communities are a long-distance and in particular, can be difficult for women and mothers to reach. Our new building will have a dedicated medical room where nurses and doctors will visit to provide check-ups and consultations to our students and the local community free of charge.